June & July in the Garden

By now your gardens should be planted and sprouting and growing!  Summer crops got planted throughout May and June is now a month where all of us can take a big deep breathe and relax a bit as we wait for crops to come in.  This also gives us time to plan for fall – another big time of year for gardeners.  Tree fruit and edible perennials (artichoke, mustard plants, tea plants, etc) can be planted this fall – the last window to plant before spring. July is the month notoriously dedicated to tomato staking and supports. I’m not a fan of tomato cages, but instead I build a support system of bamboo in my tomato beds.  It’s cheap and uber-efficient. These are also very important months for watering.  Whilst we typically consider July & August to be the hottest months (and they are!), days are actually getting shorter and … Continue reading

Are GMO’s Organic?

The GMO debate is a big one. BIG. And I’m not sure what all the answers are (yet), so on this BIG debate I’m going with my gut and urging my politicians, peers, colleagues, family – anyone who will listen – to have a voice in the BIG debate that will change the future of our food supply.  Monsanto owns a lot of this worlds seed.  Gates Foundation does work in Africa in support of GMOs, because they think it’s going to solve the hunger crisis. I don’t know if these things are ultimately good or bad, but I don’t think that creating plants that are immune to bugs seems wise, nor do I think that feeding a world that is overpopulated is the answer to th global food shortage.  What I do know, however, is that I don’t want people playing with the genetics of anything I take into … Continue reading