Soil Building

It’s been warm in the Pacific NW and everyone wants to run out to their gardens and plant, I know.  Instead of shoving pea seeds in the ground though, take this time to do something crucial in your garden – soil building. When you ‘build’ your soil, the end goal is to create a healthy and productive soil that is healthy and nurtures plant growth. Healthy soil is made up of a complex ‘web’ of bacteria, microorganisms and more.  Healthy soil teams with worms, bugs, insects and microscopic matter that we can’t see.  Worms channel down and create air pockets – important for the flow of oxygen to plant roots and to facilitate water flow and absorption.  Plant roots do this, as well. Compacted soil halts both of these necessary processes. (A great reason to NOT walk on your veg beds, btw.) So, how to set out soil building?  In … Continue reading