Vegetable Seed Sources

There are a few great sources for buying seed, and a few I steer clear from. Last year, I posted something on seed ownership, and it’s a great link to check out. Seeds of Change is a west coast company with testing fields in Oregon and beyond (I believe, but don’t quote me on it!) and they have an awesome website with lots of great information. You still have to do your homework, as even though they are located in the Pacific NW, they sell varieties that won’t do well here. Pay attention to the growing cycle of eat plant and make sure they don’t require a long hot season is you’re in a Maritime climate. If, like my family, you’re in hot hot NY – plant some corn! Seed Savers Exchange – oh my god, these folks have the bomb seeds. They are more costly than others, for sure. … Continue reading

Container Gardening

In urban environments, many gardeners (me, included!) have to rely on container gardening for edibles. Buildings that block the sun, trees that dapple the light and backyards that are shady or hard to landscape force some gardeners to rely on gardens-to-go. I had a consultation with a brilliant astrologer a few weeks back about her garden. She is gardening mostly in pots and containers, and using a small patch in her front yard. We met for two hours and she took no time at all to get her garden up and running. I’m always so proud when people just hop-to-it and get their hands dirty. One more happy gardener giving it a go! It was also really inspiring to work with someone who has dedicated their life to wellness. I so want her garden to bloom, and bloom BIG. With that, she sent this thoughtful note and a picture. She … Continue reading

Mothers Day DIY Gift

I received an email from a Seattle elementary school the other day……. I’m writing to ask for your advice for our school garden club, it is rockin with lots of fantastic parent volunteers and looks great now. We have come up with a few ideas for how the kids can make gifts out of the garden and would love to do herb vingegars for mother’s day, but what do you know about making vinegar? Is there a kid friendly process vs. a hot process that involves kitchens? They wanted me to come down and show the kids and moms how to make herbed vinegars for a simple kid-friendly Mothers Day gift. What a great idea! Sadly, I couldn’t make it to hang with the kiddos, but I’m posting the recipe here for them…..and you! I absolutely love herb vinegars. They are easy to make, taste lovely and are a great … Continue reading

Garden Strategy – What to Plant & When

To plant peas or to not plant peas? That is the question that keeps looping in my mind, as I head out into the gardens in the last weeks of April. Snap peas and shelling peas have anywhere from a 55 day to 75 day life-cycle. There is still time to get the seeds in the ground and have the plants come to maturity for harvesting, but with that long of a cycle, it will be June before you can plant the bed again. So what do plant in June? Come June, you’ll want to choose lettuce varieities that will thrive in summer heat, following a fertility rotation. (Leaf follows fruit.) Conversely, you can plant a quick growing cover crop, such as buckwheat, in your beds once the peas have finished. Buckwheat germinates quickly and is fast-growing and is an excellent choice for a space-saver so soil does not lay … Continue reading

Get It Done Guide, Seattle Magazine

It is always absolutely shocking when someone highlights my work or gives me kudos for a project I’m involved in. Last month, I was featured in Seattle Magazine as part of a GET IT DONE guide. For a company named “gogo”, this seems fitting! This awesome pic was taken by Hayley Young – a brilliant and fun girl who made me laugh, put up with my antics and loves what she does! Check out her work and go see one of her shows.