Jam Pots

Two batches of peach & honey jam being cooked simultaneously. The pot on the left is just getting under way. The pot on the right had been cooking for 20 minutes, after having rested overnight. Note the difference in color! This often happens in jam-making.

Family of 5 Revamps Their Urban Pantry

When I wrote a book, it never occurred to me that people would actually read it. Not read it, read it, but identify with it. I didn’t think of it as spreading a message or trying to inspire people, I just wrote about what I love and how I cook and sent that little baby off into the world. A happy consequence, of course, is that people do read the book. I receive emails and students have come to my classes already jazzed about the prospect of cooking at home, or putting up preserves. Last week, I found this awesome review on Amazon.com of my book. I was shocked, thrilled and so pleased that someone made a committment to make a change. It was so rad to see! Read this……………… When I first saw the title I knew I had to have it. Urban Pantry, Thrifty, Sustainable, Seasonal? Amy’s words … Continue reading

Kitchen Projects

My friend Gannon is always asking me to keep a video camera on my life because I always have a good story to tell. I’ve been thinking about keeping a book tour journal, instead.People make the coolest observations, sometimes, or ask awesome questions. In a departure from my typical posts where I hope to educate or inspire, here I’m just sharing a story. Last night, I gave a little chat to the Literary Group at the Rainer Club. They were seriously some of the most gracious people I’ve ever met. Incredibly polite, ladies crossing legs at their ankles kind of a crowd. They were incredibly enthusiastic and also very conversational. It was a great great night. One of the woman in attendance (the one with the hot shoes!) asked me “How many projects do you currently have going?” I laughed out loud. No one has ever keyed in to the … Continue reading

Canning Class Pays Off

I received this email last week and it made my day! I host monthly canning classes at Cupcake Royale on Capitol Hill and I’m thrilled that a student left and actually applied the knowledge at home. Check out what she wrote & the accompanying pic! I feel like a pround mama. Not only did she take the time to write a lovely note, she included pics. La-la-la-love it. Thanks, Cynnie! Dear Amy, I attended your class at Cupcake Royale few weeks ago with three of my friends.  That night we made a date to can and preserve.  Tonight was that night. All of us were canning virgins and like any first timer we were a tad nervous.  I must say when all of us heard that first POP! (Pun intended) of the first can we all got the biggest, goofiest grins on our faces.  Every pop after that we clapped … Continue reading