Green Tomato Recipe – Salsa Verde

I started making this salsa at home when I overplanted tomatillos in the garden one summer and ended up with far too many. It’s an amazing garnish for stewed black beans and can easily be used as a dip for chips. Often, I’ll pour some in a small sauté pan and crack an egg in, effectively poaching the egg. I pour this over some toast for a delicious breakfast or lunch. It also makes a spicy and colorful stewing sauce for pork. With tomatillos as a braising liquid the meat will come out fork tender with a hint of heat from the peppers.

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Using Restaurant Leftovers for a Killer Dinner – Lamb Bones

bean bowlThis week I was fortunate enough to eat at my friends gorgeous new restaurant, The Book Bindery, on the north side of Queen Anne in Seattle. Fortunately for me, it is a hop, skip and jump from my house. (Unfortunately, no matter how close, I wasn’t about to walk the distance in three-inch heels, but, I digress.) The restaurant is stunning, once again prooving that Patric is a marvel with interiors (he also built this and this) and the food was fab. They are a brand new kitchen, so still working out kinks on the menu, but all in all I’m thrilled that Seattle has finally added an upscale restaurant to the mix. No more jeans at dinner, people!

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