For everyone who keeps asking me, “What does a quince look like,” here is a pic compliments of my Parisian friend and fellow foodie, Mary Bouron.

Huffington Post – Top Cookbooks of The Year

The Huffington Post listed their Best Cookbooks of 2010 by doing simple math and whiddling down a selection of multiple press mentions for best cookbooks and choosing the top contenders across the media board, as it were. Basically, what that means is they didn’t necessarily choose Urban Pantry, but two other sources did so my little-cookbook-that-could made the cut. And frankly, anyway you slice it – a huge honor. Check out mine and others here on the Huffington Post.

December Classes

SUPER VIP CANNING CLASS Sunday, Dec 12th – 6pm – Preserving Citrus .preserved lemons, meyer lemon jam & bourbon orange marmalade Monday, Dec 13th – 6pm – Homemade DIY Gifts .fennel-steeped cordial, vanilla sugar, thyme-infused salt & minted apple butter I am loving the intimate class structure of teaching at home.  If you’re interested making your own holiday gifts this year or curious about how best to preserve citrus these casual nights are a great resource. We’ll do some basic recipes and I’ll demo some creative packaging. My kitchen is  easy to peer into and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and pitch in. My kitchen is tiny, so this class will be small and intimate. This is an AWESOME time of year for preseving. It’s the kick off for winter citrus and a great time for DIY gift-making or stocking the pantry. Students will actively participate, but … Continue reading

Urban Pantry by Gluten Free Girl

I have met Shauna James Ahern, in passing, once or twice. Seattle is a pretty small town, at least where the food community is concerned, so everyone tends to know everyone and is familiar with their projects. Shauna, aka Gluten Free Girl, has a very prolific food blog – I used to read it when it first was published – before she met her now-husband Danny and started sharing their story. Long story short, Shauna rocks, has an awesome website and is an all-around great gal. Recently, she compiled a list of her and Danny’s favorite cookbooks and included Urban Pantry. Check it out. I love how, at first, she didn’t pay little ol’ Urban Pantry any mind, but eventually found herself opening its pages now and again. She has a great quote, too, about the general idea of the book. No, Urban Pantry is not a mind-blowing tome of … Continue reading