Yoga for Gardeners

Winter is the perfect time to start creating garden rituals and commit to a healthy and strong upcoming garden season. If I didn’t work on my abs and power through push ups, there would be no WAY I’d make it through the year. Start early this year and dedicate time to a healthier you.

I met Erin Jasmine Taylor a few years ago when she interviewed me for an article. I have since reconnected with her through yoga and her garden – she has a new house in Ballard and is itching to get growing in 2012. I asked Erin to jot down some ideas for a stronger garden core, and she sent me this awesome post. Read on. Be well! Do it! It helps! Continue reading

DIY Plant Containers from Apartment Gardening

For years, I opted for homemade Christmas gifts for family and friends preferring the handcrafted to the purchased. This year marks the first year that I am actually purchasing most of the gifts for my family, however, and while I’m so excited for Christmas mornin I had a moment of regret whilst reading this article in the NYT. “Bucketry” is a series of objects created by LA artist Matthias Merkel Hess and immediately reminded me of a DIY project from Apartment Gardening. His art is intense food for thought and is inspiring me to create something special for my apartment balcony. I hope it influences you as well. Send me pics if you make something! Here is a little teaser excerpt from the “Salvaged Materials” section from the Chapter “Getting Grounded: Pots, Containers, Soil & Supplies“. There are a LOT of other ideas in there! Happy DIY’ing. Plastic milk crates: Much like the asparagus … Continue reading


The holiday season is upon us and it seems every magazine, website and book is pimping out some serious recipe advice on how to roast the best turkey, how to cook Christmas table standards like rib roast and offering cookies ideas galore. While I am often asked to weigh in on what I serve (Rutabaga Gratin, of course!) I find it more strategic and interesting to talk about what ELSE we should be eating during the holidays. While we gather out over cocktails and linger over meals with friends, it is breakfast and lunch that often get ignored during this season. My personal strategy is to eat light and eat healthy, never missing a meal. This cuts down on late night indulgence, but also fuels me through the long days without bonking. As a kid, soft eggs were one of my most favorite meals and my mom made it perfectly, … Continue reading

Water Bath Canning 101

Water-Bath Canning 101

This is a step-by-step guide to water-bath canning at home. There are a few options to choose from, but all work well. Be sure to set up your jars and workspace beforehand so you can establish a rhythm. Also, be mindful of the processing times given in each recipe.

CLEANING JARS. Wash your jars and lids in hot soapy water and set them to dry completely on a rack or on a clean dish towel.

PREPARING JARS. Glass jars and lids do not need to be sterilized before use if your foodstuffs will be processed more than 10 minutes in a boiling water bath or pressure canner. If jar-processing time is 10 minutes or less, Continue reading Best Cookbooks of the Year

I am visiting my family on the east coast for two weeks – Halloween with my nieces and nephews, tea with gram, a visit to my dads in Pennsylvania. All pretty average of a NY visit. Earlier this week, I took the LIRR from Long Island to the Port Authority to hop on a bus that drove me out to Honesdale, PA where my brother and father were waiting to pick me up. My brother went out a day ahead for hunting season – no bucks. My dad lives in the country. Deep country. No cell service, no internet. Just a rushing stream through his backyard, a loud goose, a crowing rooster and a handful of ducklings criss-crossing the yard each day. On my third day there, I drove twenty minutes in to town for some internet and to touch base with the world. As soon as I entered cell … Continue reading

TreeHugger Best of Green 2011

Um……I’m not sure how this keeps happening, but I’m so so so so thrilled and amazed that has given a nod to Urban Pantry as one of the Best of Green 2011 Awards.ThankyouThankyouThankyou to anyone reading this for your support. It has moved mountains. Love, Amy TreeHugger says: Every day, TreeHugger scours the planet looking for the people, ideas, projects, and memes that are pushing green into the mainstream. There are no shortage of great examples, for sure, but, once a year, we like to round up the best of the best, to present our Best of Green Awards. In 2011, we’re presenting our third annual awards, and this year promises to be the biggest and best yet. The full complement of awards will be presented the week of April 4 – 8, but we kicked things off this year with the Best of Green Readers’ Choice Awards. It’s … Continue reading

2011 Heart of Green Awards

Today, Urban Pantry, along with 17 other “inspiring people, places, ideas and companies that are helping green go mainstream” was awarded the 2011 Heart of Green Award. For me, this is HUGE because ‘green’ is so often misused and confused as a fad. A trend. But for me, being green is a way of life. I make conscious choices every day to live as ‘green’ of a life as I can (no paper towels or plastic wrap in this kitchen!) and it is such an honor to be considered for this award. AND………..I’m on the same list as Jane Goodall? That is bananas. Read more here.

Spring in the Gardens

There are often visual indicators of when spring is arriving well before we feel a change in the temperature outside. Tree buds start to form, the days get noticably longer and for a gardener with edibles, rhubarb is often the first thing to pop up. Once the rhubarb and lovage start pushing through the soil, I know it is game on and time to get myself in order. And then there are seeds that I have actually planted. I literally threw a small handful of arugula seeds into a pot about three weeks ago, and voila! They are growing.