Spiced Apple Chutney & Honey Pumpkin Butter Recipe


ApplesIn late fall, gardens heave a near audible final breath and give up the last of their fruits. Fields turn fragrant with the pungent smell from fermenting fallen fruit and the last of anything sweet is gathered from bare tree branches or browning vines. For a canning enthusiast, or a 100-mile dieter, November marks the last ditch effort to get fresh food in a jar and up into your cupboard for winter indulgences. Apples hold well on the branch and are often harvested late in fall. Apples are quite flexible as they have a higher acid content and can be successfully canned or paired with a myriad of additional fruits or infusions. I have it on high esteem that chutneys are coming back in vogue, and this one will not disappoint. This fragrant chutney Continue reading

Weekday with Steve Scher – Urban Pantry & Urban Garden Share

I had the surprising honor of being a guest this morning on Weekday with Steve Scher on KUOW – our local NPR affiliate. (Know that that means? That means I am one. step. closer. to Ira Glass!!) It also means I got to start that day with a crazy-charming man, an adorable & well-suited (literally) producer and a super a-team that made the whole thing seemless. We talked food, Urban Pantry, gardens, sharing your garden, finding love, finding land and more. Have a listen if you missed it! AND……for those of you checking out this site now that you’ve listened, I would love some feedback! Did you find what you were looking for here? Need more info? Had a specific question? I would love to hear from you here. Comments ALWAYS appreciated. Please and thank you.