Learning to Cook

I just received the best email from a young Seattle mom. “I have only just now decided I’m a good cook ………… But only because of you and your AMAZING cookbook!!! I know of you from my dear friend Gretchen, and now my mom is using Urban Garden Share…but I bought your cookbook when I saw you listed as a speaker at Elliott Bay (though, sadly I had to miss it because I’m a busy mama). I have made 4 or 5 things from Urban Pantry and I love love love them all! I have never considered myself a good cook and always fret about not feeding my family wholesome enough food, but that has changed now! I am sitting here at my desk enjoying my Quinoa Vanilla Pudding and I feel totally nourished and smug 🙂 thank you!!!” My favorite quote is “I feel totally nourished and smug.” THAT … Continue reading

Citrus Preservation

I had another awesome class in my apartment this weekend past. I am always amazed at how I find the coolest people and they find me. While the marmalade did not co-operate and took more time than expected to set up, we had a fun casual evening at home. One of my students, Stacee, took pictures all night and while I didn’t think of it at all at the time, it turns out her work is STUNNING. Check out more on her adorable site, My Digs – she’s a great writer and it’s a wonderful read in the morning over coffee.   The next Super VIP Classes are on February 12th and February 19th. If you’re interested, email me here for deets.