Yoga for Gardeners

Winter is the perfect time to start creating garden rituals and commit to a healthy and strong upcoming garden season. If I didn’t work on my abs and power through push ups, there would be no WAY I’d make it through the year. Start early this year and dedicate time to a healthier you.

I met Erin Jasmine Taylor a few years ago when she interviewed me for an article. I have since reconnected with her through yoga and her garden – she has a new house in Ballard and is itching to get growing in 2012. I asked Erin to jot down some ideas for a stronger garden core, and she sent me this awesome post. Read on. Be well! Do it! It helps! Continue reading

DIY Plant Containers from Apartment Gardening

For years, I opted for homemade Christmas gifts for family and friends preferring the handcrafted to the purchased. This year marks the first year that I am actually purchasing most of the gifts for my family, however, and while I’m so excited for Christmas mornin I had a moment of regret whilst reading this article in the NYT. “Bucketry” is a series of objects created by LA artist Matthias Merkel Hess and immediately reminded me of a DIY project from Apartment Gardening. His art is intense food for thought and is inspiring me to create something special for my apartment balcony. I hope it influences you as well. Send me pics if you make something! Here is a little teaser excerpt from the “Salvaged Materials” section from the Chapter “Getting Grounded: Pots, Containers, Soil & Supplies“. There are a LOT of other ideas in there! Happy DIY’ing. Plastic milk crates: Much like the asparagus … Continue reading


The holiday season is upon us and it seems every magazine, website and book is pimping out some serious recipe advice on how to roast the best turkey, how to cook Christmas table standards like rib roast and offering cookies ideas galore. While I am often asked to weigh in on what I serve (Rutabaga Gratin, of course!) I find it more strategic and interesting to talk about what ELSE we should be eating during the holidays. While we gather out over cocktails and linger over meals with friends, it is breakfast and lunch that often get ignored during this season. My personal strategy is to eat light and eat healthy, never missing a meal. This cuts down on late night indulgence, but also fuels me through the long days without bonking. As a kid, soft eggs were one of my most favorite meals and my mom made it perfectly, … Continue reading