Wall Street Journal – In My Kitchen

In honor of the article published this weekend in the awesome Wall Street Journal, where I compare chefs abuse of bacon to showing off cleavage, I tap out this little excerpt from my first book, Urban Pantry from the “Stocking the Pantry” Section. BACON. I keep a pound of slab bacon in my freezer and cut off little bits at a time for cooking. It’s great in a pot of beans or lentils. Bacon! An absolute must in the pantry! Special thanks to writer Charlotte Druckman for coming to my home, sitting at my table and talking up a storm. And, of course, uber-photographer Della Chen. Check out her projects via Eater.

Garden Planning 101 – The Perfect Garden Bed

A garden “bed” is a formed mound of soil that is raised higher than the surrounding soil. Often times, gardeners build frames around these, but it is not required. When I use the term garden ‘bed’, I simply mean that formed soil whether or not it is framed out. I often build small framed beds for my clients, however, as it keeps things both orderly and visually tidy. Garden beds come in many shapes and sizes and are made of many different materials, but over the years I found that a 6’x4′ bed is the perfect size for a small backyard garden, and here is why. Firstly, when designing a bed, you want it to be 4 feet to 4 1/2 feet wide at most. This width allows you to reach the center of the bed from the rows, on either side. It is an inefficient use of space to build … Continue reading

Best Garden Boots Ever

Bog bootsI was graced with a pair of Bogs boots in early fall. Bogs are known as the one-stop shop for farmers everywhere, and the shoes are an agricultural must. I was really looking forward to using them this spring, but I had the chance to break them in early this past December when I wore them to a Tuna Tinning. That’s right, tuna tinning – 1050 pounds of albacore tuna and about 25 people working in tandem to break it down and preserve it. Brilliant. Continue reading

City Dirt on Food52

Starting today, I am writing  writing a biweekly column for FOOD52 on how to start growing your own food, no matter how tiny your garden-to-be is. (Food52 was launched a few years ago and I’ve followed them from day one. It is an awesome food site, a great resource and now even has a rad store with curated food finds.) So, mark your calendars, send your questions and make a plan………..I am THRILLED to have the resource available to foodies who want to grow.