How-To Harden Off Starts

Hardening off means gradually acclimating them to outside conditions. If you moved tender young plants from a warm environment immediately to a cool environment, they would go into shock and falter. Instead, you must adjust them to outside weather conditions slowly. For the first three days of hardening off your seed tray, place it outside, sheltered from wind and rain, during the warmest part of the day for two hours. From the fourth to the sixth day, place your seed tray outside for four hours during the warmest part of the day. On the seventh and eighth days, place them outside for a total of six hours a day. You may have to adapt this depending on weather changes; use common sense. This practice should condition the starts enough to harden them off and prepare them for being planted out in containers. If the current weather conditions are not conducive … Continue reading

Host for Check, Please! Northwest

Have you heard the news or seen the show?! I am the host for the PBS show Check, Please! Northwest which airs on KCTS9 each Thursday at 7pm. It’s a show about dining out – each week, three guests join me around the table and talk about their favorite Pacific Northwest Resturants. The most exciting thing for me is watching people try something new and going out to a restaurant they never would have thought of. It’s awesome! The show is a great way to gather some new restaurant suggestions AND a perfect way to try something new. All guests dine out at their favorite resto AND get to try two new places, meeting back at the table to discuss. Anyone can be a guest, so you should most definitely apply here! And for anyone outside of the Pac NW, you can keep up with the shows online. A special … Continue reading

Small Plants for Small Pots

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! It is time to get organized, get smart & Get planting. Now is the perfect time to purchase your copy of Apartment Gardening in print or on the Kindle. It really is an awesome book full of information, tips and how-tos. Thank you for your support!! (Excerpted from my book Apartment Gardening) I’d like to reiterate that the size of the container will eventually affect the size a plant will grow. I’m not a huge fan of small pots for grow- ing anything edible. The plants may not die, but certainly many will not come to full maturity if you inhibit their space in this way. small pots will also dry out very quickly. in my own garden, the smallest pot i have used is about four inches deep and about that wide—i treat it as an experiment. nothing really grew well in such a small space, and what little plant was … Continue reading

Converting Your Yard to a Garden & Making a Plan!

I swear I am the WORST at tying up all of my projects in one neat place. BUT, I’m finally taking time this morning to alert you to an awesome collaboration I made with, City Dirt. City Dirt is a step-by-step, seasonal, organic guide for anyone wanting to grow food at home. We will cover the basics in a detailed fashion, there will be weekly q&a for individual plots/regions/gardeners and all in all you should DEF bookmark this and make it your bi-monthly resource for all things urban farm related. It’s a MUST. This week, I covered how to convert yard space from lawn or shrub to lush organic material for planting vegetables this spring. NOW IS THE TIME, people! Break ground, did in and read the article (in addition to the first three on seed ordering & strategy!!) here on Food52. It runs every other Tuesday. I’m pulling a GREAT question from the comments here, as a source of inspiration, … Continue reading