Summer Classes

I have some great events coming up this summer and I’d love to see all of your faces. I’m working to add more canning classes this year, as you know. Come learn how to preserve cherries 3 ways OR build your pantry with savory spreads like mostarda, Asian plum sauce & habanero hot sauce. I also FINALLY reschedule the SUPER VIP Italian class! You’ll want to save the date for this class that is near and dear to my heart – Italian, Long Island Style. This two hour class will cover the Perfect Meat Sauce & Meatballs. We may even sneak in a quick Homemade Pasta. This class is a total winner and a must for anyone wanting to cook like the grannies do it back home. And speaking of Croatia, I’m also offering a redux of the popular Croatian Cooking Class I taught earlier this year. Strudel pulling, dishes … Continue reading

Propagating Herbs

Repotting Geranium CuttingLast week I met up with my friend Sarah, a farmer. Sarah has been farming for years and she’s an absolute pro, so I asked her to meet me out at a new space to help me devise the perfect garden plan. (She’s a genius that way – indispensible knowledge.)

We met up and walked to the garden. On the way, she spotted a old, prolific fig tree and stopped in her tracks. “Oh – I need that,” she exclaimed, and simultaneously reached into her back pocket as she crossed the street. With at quick snip, she cut a couple inches length from the fig plant, looked at me, and whispered, “You want one?”

And of course… I took one! Continue reading Sharing is Caring-Propagating Herbs-my bi-weekly article via my City Dirt column over at one of my favorite sites, Food52. Continue reading

Roots – Farm Life as a Kid

Here is a rare look at the more personal side of life – my family & my roots.I love this pic of me and our goat, Bonnie’s, first kid. Bonnie birthed two kids and I remember our neighbor, Shelly Santangelo, came and picked us up from school (in her emerald green VW Rabbit – man I LOVED that car) and raced us home so we could watch and help. Bonnie had birthing complications, I can’t recall what, and we had to bottle feed the kids, but they made it and we eventually gave them away when they were only a few weeks old. As an adult I look back on this and think “Oh my goodnes, my crazy parents!” but they did a wonderful job introducing my sister, brother and me to life and all the wonder it holds. I highly recommend this sort of small-scale farm experience for any family with kids – get them involved, … Continue reading