HOW TO :: Grow Potatoes in a Bag

cutting seeds

Growing potatoes is a pretty mysterious undertaking. All of the harvestable bits of the plant grow underground, making it hard to keep track of progress. Even though I’ve grown potatoes in the past, I’m consistently amazed when baby potatoes appear in the soil at harvest time.

To grow a potato, you basically cut a small piece off of a seed potato (a potato specifically designated as seed for planting, versus a potato you buy in the store) and bury it under a few inches of soil. The plant will eventually send up a stem and leaves, and as the plant grows we cover them (always leaving a little bit of leaf showing) in order for the plant to produce more potatoes. Pretty simple. This process, when done in a field, is called “hilling up” potatoes, as farmers will form hills of soil around the potato stem to maximize production. Continue reading

Farm School Life Changer

It is not often an experience happens upon you and life changes. I went to Quillisascut Farm School in 2004 because I wanted to milk a goat. It was that simple. I grew up with milk goats and daily homestead chores. The desire to reconnect led me to a week at Quillisacut Farm School. It’s an opportunity I think everyone should take – forget saving for a food tour of Italy – get your ass in the car and drive to Eastern Washington for an experience of a lifetime. Quiet your brain, wake up early, bust your butt and experience life as it’s meant to be. It will shake your core, I promise. Here is a small excerpt from an interview I gave to Lora Lea at Quillisascut last week. I hope it inspires you. Keep in touch! How did the Quillisascut experience help shape your decisions? I kept a … Continue reading

Fresh Pantry eBook Series!

Did you hear I am publishing an eBook series this year? Every month brings another awesome recipe book highlighting one seasonal ingredient. For anyone trying to eat a seasonal diet, fresh vegetables and fruits are pantry musts as well. The new Fresh Pantry e-book series picks up where Urban Pantry leaves off-by continuing the conversation about healthy, sustainable foods and how eating locally and seasonally embraces gardening and outdoor living. You can subscribe to the entire YEAR here, at a discount. I’d love to hear back about what you think!

Garden Planning 101 – Get Started Growing Your Own Food

Gardening and growing food are two of the most intuitive things I have ever done. This is not to say that I’ve always had a green thumb. In fact, I’ve killed every houseplant I’ve ever owned (including a cactus) and have officially given up on keeping them. All of this is to say that anyone can garden. The only skill you need is the ability to observe. You have this, I┬ápromise.

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