Rhubarb Recipes! New eBook Release for Fresh Pantry; Rhubarb

Fresh-Pantry-RhubarbMy new eBook Fresh Pantry; Rhubarb is out!

Spring is finally and slowly ‘springing’ in Seattle, though it’s been a bit warmer for weeks. In early February, I had a small nub of rhubarb crown poking out of the soil in one of my gardens – always a great indicator that spring is in swing. Right about now, rhubarb is ready to harvest from some fields. Many commercial growers use hothouses or forcing sheds, so you can find thick stalks easily in your local grocery now. The bonus of this sort of growing (versus field Rhubarb) is the tender and bright red stalks. (There is more on the how and why of rhubarb color in the book, btw.) Continue reading

Recipe for Maple Blossoms

Maple Blossom, april82013I did something really off character yesterday and went for a walk in the middle of the day, despite looming deadlines and a long Honey-Do list. Spring is my ‘go’ season when I adjust to the circadian rhythm of a 6:30am wake up call and spend my days juggling garden work with computer time. Fortunately, that short walk was a great reminder to grab a harvest bag and spend more time outdoors.

There are LOTS of foods found easily in the great outdoors, and spring is the time to Continue reading

What to do in the Garden Now – April

Spring has truly sprung in the Pacific NW and after several weeks of travel it is clear that spring is springing all over the northern hemisphere. Gardens in New Orleans have 1/2 grown artichokes, while those in Seattle are just under a foot tall. In the UK brassicas are beginning to flower, whereas in NY they are really starting to put on growth after a frosty over-winter. It is time to get some garden work done if you haven’t started already. Some things to do right now:

1. WEED – weed, weed, weed. Prolific chickweed is cropping up all over Seattle and it’s flowering. Soon, it will go to seed and if you do NOT want that to happen. When chickweed seed is mature, one brief brush of the plant will send the seeds flying and you’ll easily find 10 times the amount of weeds later in summer. Instead, weed them now and save yourself hours of labor in the coming weeks. Continue reading