Blueberry Cardamom Donuts

        One of the best things about my works is collaborating and brainstorming ideas with other movers and shakers. Enter Cassandra LaValle and her rad lifestyle site, coco+kelley. Cass let’s me post a recipe to her site and I get all sorts of cool points. Add her to your bookmarks, and click through to coco+kelley for a recipe excerpt from my recent eBook, Fresh Pantry: Berries. 

Summer Shrubs

Send in the Shrubs simple summertime drinking vinegars BY AMY PENNINGTON, excerpted from Edible Seattle Several summers ago I stayed on my friend Lynda’s farm in the Methow Valley. As expected in eastern Washington, the long summer days saw temperatures climbing and without air conditioning (we were on a farm, after all) we suffered through the stifling heat by moving slowly and wearing sun hats. In the evenings, we would sit on the porch and sip yuzu vinegar with a splash of sparkling water and a glass full of ice. It was Lynda’s trick for keeping cool and while the first sip was bracing, the second was nothing short of refreshing. An addiction was born. Trendy bartenders across the country are turning to similar drinking vinegars, or shrubs, to add that special splash of flavor in their cocktails. Shrubs are not a new creation, and were used in colonial America … Continue reading