Teas and Tinctures and More

There's more to edibles than cukes and peas. I have been storing up and stashing a wide variety of herbs and medicinals for some years now. Brewing teas, using dried florals for help with sleeping or calming a babies cough can be done by growing medicinals in your backyard.

Teas & Insfusions

Every time I go home to New York for a visit, my sister and I end the night with a cup of black tea and milk. My love of all things foraged, led me to the fascinating world of home-teas, or infusions. Roots, leaves and stems often combine in a drink or tonic to heal, soothe or stimulate. I have seeds for burdock (good for a red throat), valerian (helps with insomnia) and more. Most are steeped in hot or cold water (whiskey is optional). All of these plants can be grown at home. Sort of brings new meaning to the idea of a hot toddy, doesn't it?

Tinctures & Salves

A tincture is an alcohol-based liquid common in medicine. Salves are essentially infused oils mixed with beeswax. It sounds more complicated than it is! Calendula salve is one of my favs. It's very healing and therapeutic. Sometimes I put some on my cuticles to soften them so I don't pick at them and bite my nails. This has not worked, for me, mind you, but it is hydrating! Salves are a great way to use part of your crop rotation, as flowers must be planted for optimal soil health.