There is nothing better than getting dinner ready on a hot summer evening and running out back for your salad fixins'. How nice would it be to remove the necessity of driving to the store and paying $4.99/lb for baby salad greens?

Homegrown offerings:

  • Garden Planning - we can chose the spot and evaluate soil conditions.  We can build a raised bed, or plant directly into the ground.
  • Planting - chose from my diverse selection of organic seed and seed catalogs.
  • Growing - growing veggies does take a bit of personal care, by me or you.
  • Harvesting - I can pick your veggies and have a basket at your door or show you how to harvest on your own.
  • Cooking - need some culinary inspiration?  No problem.  Recipes can be included. Cooking can be taught.
  • Preserving - some veggies are planted for their storage life. Beans will be dried and fruits preserved.  By me, for you.