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About Amy

I am a cook, author, and urban farmer. I currently live in Seattle. I am all for LIVING GREEN! I am also a speaker, teacher, TV show host and a handful of other 'jobs' that revolve around food, farms and the environment. Here is how it all began...



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Seattle Magazine, Aug 2015

Ma‘ono’s Mark Fuller dishes on his go-to ingredient :: To the uninitiated, the mention of fish sauce might well result in wrinkled noses.

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There's a New Spice Making Heat Waves in Restaurants

Seattle Magazine, Jun 2015

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How to use Hemp Seeds in Your Cooking

Seattle Magazine, Feb 2015

Chef Colin Patterson of vegan restaurant Sutra Seattle gets creative with hemp

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HOW TO :: Apple Pie Filling Canning Recipe

Posted October 10

This simple recipe guarantees you’ll always have the best apples on hand for pie baking.

bowl of applesApples are available all year long, but they are certainly not in season all year long. New crop apples, those that are harvested and sold in the same season, are the best tasting—their juice just contained under firm, naturally shiny skins. Ditto for pears, which are best eaten soon after harvesting. To preserve the natural, raw integrity of fresh fruit, buy both in bulk when they come into the markets. Boxes of apples are infinitely less expensive than buying a pound at a time, so choose a favorite variety (most farmers offer samples) and load up. As for the little pears, keep your eyes open and buy the lot when you have a chance.

Apple Pie Filling
makes about 4 pints | start to finish: about 1 hour active time

This simple recipe guarantees you’ll always have the best apples on hand for pie baking. Blanching the fruit before canning them... Read more from the blog...


Oct 24

10:00 am
Molbacks Garden + Home
13625 NE 175th St. Woodinville, WA 98072


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Oct 24

2:00 pm
Covington Library
27100 164th Avenue Southeast, Covington, WA 98042

Creative Party Planning

We are ALL trying to save money these days, which makes entertaining friends at home a great option. Feeding a lot of people, however, can get expensive. Author and cook, Amy Pennington, has some time-honored tricks of the trade to share in this Read More...